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title. Project self-sufficient Artist, Installation: SQUARING THE        


       Installation and Performance: FLAX TEX CUBE; Project: yellow

       Pigments from Goldenrod, Project: Pigments form earth, Project:

        Maya-Blue, Project: white canvas

date. 2021/2022/2023

city. Vienna, Reikersdorf

type. fluid plant colors, plant and earth pigments, binders,

        flax from seed to canvas, Installations, Performance

To know exactly what we're making art with, we should make it ourselves...this idea grew into the self-sufficient artist's project, which developed pigments from plants, natural binders and finally the canvas in the process from seed to spun and woven textile. Next step: The self-sufficient garden for artists. With special thanks to Christiane, Karin and Tristan

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