Artist statement: People write lifelong stories and leave traces, including oneself. The attempt to connect everything, to make understanding comprehensible and abstract, often philosophical terms and topics such as love, hope, desire, consternation, "light closes darkness", "secrets cover the soul " to banish, to channel and to give them a form, characterizes my artistic strive. My main parameter is absolute freedom ... freedom to different media, techniques, forms of expression, to reinvent myself. Recently I found a new passion in researching and creating my own natural colors from plants, a new much more intense holistic approach.  Therefore, art is probably the only ambit in which I have never been anyway restricted. I've always been an artist and found my secret path through art therapy. But it took me a long time and courage to position myself radically and become more visible. My story, my way is like every one, very individual, as well as the trace I want to leave. I attempt to find and I have definitely not come to the end by now...

Mag.phil. Angela Olbrich was born in Vienna 1975. Studied art history, media and communications at University of Vienna and art therapy at Academy of Holistic Art-Therapy, Vienna. Artistic education from youth self-taught as well as in visual and performing arts with various inspiring artists: drawing, painting, printing, dance, theater, improv theater, clown, ceramics, rhythm, performance, writing, sculpture. Artistic diploma at Academy of Holistic Art-Therapy, Vienna 2011, sevengardens dialoger 2020. 

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