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Artist statement: "Let Art happen is like a silent dance, with invisible feelers, through which unobtrusive, magical unspeakable things manifest themselves in the visible." 

Get to the bottom of things in order to understand their essence and then make this visible.

Starting with topics, concepts and questions of human nature such as holism, longing, Goethe's orphic primordial words, searching for traces of the soul, space and time, light and shadow, emotion and color etc. which are explored in their essence in different media and techniques and then a new visible appearance have received, my path has brought me to the essence of nature and the material itself.

The decision followed to make art exclusively with natural and sustainable materials. So began the tracing of the color and linen back to its origins, their original, natural production, right through to sowing, weeding, producing and processing themselves, in order to then use them as an artistic medium.

In addition to exploring the essence and origin of things, the effect of what is created on the recipient with a focus on possible touch, knowledge, comfort, awareness and becoming whole plays an important role in my artistic intention.

Mag.phil. Angela Olbrich was born in Vienna 1975. Studied art history, media and communications at University of Vienna and art therapy at Academy of Holistic Art-Therapy, Vienna. Artistic education from youth self-taught as well as in visual and performing arts with various inspiring artists: drawing, painting, printing, dance, theater, improv theater, clown, ceramics, rhythm, performance, writing, sculpture. Artistic diploma at Academy of Holistic Art-Therapy, Vienna 2011, sevengardens dialoger 2020, Graduated certified herbal educater according to Traditional European Medicine 2021.

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