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Artist statement: People write stories all their lives and leave traces, including yourself. The attempt to connect everything with everything, to make it understandable and understandable and abstract often philosophical terms and topics such as love, hope, longing seeks perspective, dismay, "light closes darkness", Banning and channeling “sectrets cover the soul” and giving them a form characterizes my artistic exploration. One parameter for me is absolute freedom...freedom from different media, techniques, forms of expression (such as p.ex. the botanical sun pressure). I have found a new process-oriented, sustainable, nature-related approach in researching and producing my own, natural colors and pigments from plants, earth and stones in order to grow, harvest, spin and weave my canvases in a further process, a new one even more holistic and conceptual access. Therefore, art is probably the only ambit in which I have never been anyway restricted. I've always been an artist, found the secret way through art therapy. But it took a long time and courage to position myself radically soft to the outside and to become more visible. My story is, like everyone else, very individual, also my way, just like the trace I want to leave behind. I'm a finder and definitely haven't reached the end by be continued.

Mag.phil. Angela Olbrich was born in Vienna 1975. Studied art history, media and communications at University of Vienna and art therapy at Academy of Holistic Art-Therapy, Vienna. Artistic education from youth self-taught as well as in visual and performing arts with various inspiring artists: drawing, painting, printing, dance, theater, improv theater, clown, ceramics, rhythm, performance, writing, sculpture. Artistic diploma at Academy of Holistic Art-Therapy, Vienna 2011, sevengardens dialoger 2020, Graduated certified herbal educater according to Traditional European Medicine 2021.

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Upcoming Events

  • Räuchern im Jahreskreis – Litha, Alban Hevin, Johannistag, Sommersonnwende
    Jun 21, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
    Wien, Währinger Str. 120, 1180 Wien, Austria
    Bei den Kelten wurde die Sommersonnwende zwölf Tage lang gefeiert. Es war die herrlich warme, wunderschöne Sommerzeit. Auch jetzt noch, kann man die Natur in ihrer ganzen Fülle und Fruchtbarkeit riechen und schmecken. Es ist wie ein ganz besonderer Gesang oder Klang, der überall mitschwingt.
  • natural flows
    Thu, Jun 29
    Jun 29, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
    Wien, Kirchstetterngasse 43, 1160 Wien, Austria
    Eine Ausstellung, die organische Kunstwerke präsentiert, welche die Kostbarkeit von natürlichen, sowie nachhaltigen Rohstoffen hervorhebt.
  • International Art Show Austria - Krems
    Sat, Nov 18
    Nov 18, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
    Dominikanerkirche, Körnermarkt 14, 3500 Krems an der Donau, Austria
    Rock the church


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